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Soho Copper diivanilaud

1 473  (sis. km)

Its smooth glass top offers a muted counterpoint to the 3D drawer facings. The geometric design adds to its distinctive aesthetic. The wood legs are coloured black for a stark tonal contrast with the copper.

Materials: MDF, Wood, Mirrored Glass
Colors: Copper | |
Dimensions: H 45; W 71; D 132 cm
Weight: 51 kg

Templar Copper diivanilaud

769  (sis. km)

The side of this striking coffee table is comprised of a series of interlinked iron beads. Their rounded form complements the individual flattened iron circles that combine to create its round surface area. Crafted by hand, copper-finished each table possesses its own individual variations. Style this eclectic table with traveller/fusion home furnishings and accessories.

Materials: Iron
Colors: Copper | |
Dimensions: H 34; W 81; D 81 cm
Weight: 17.2 kg

Templat Pebble diivanilaud

599  (sis. km)

A striking contemporary piece in any room, the round pebble design Templar coffee table will make a functional and fashionable addition in your home.

Materials: Iron
Colors: Copper | |
Dimensions: H 33; W 81; D 81 cm
Weight: 16.5 kg